Applications(Infrastructure Improvement)

  • Foundation Building Construction at Yodo Dam

  • Dam Grouting Work at Kurashiki in Okayama

  • Mega Solar Power Plant Construction Work

  • New Oita Power Plant Expansion Work for Kyushu Electric Power Co., Ltd.

  • Tanzawa Dam

  • Tunnel Construction at Fukushima

  • Cut off Wall using Chemical Grouting for Kita-no-Mine Tunnel Construction in Hokkaido

  • Slope Protection Work at the Yunishikawa Dam

  • Shield Construction with Ground Freezing Work at Kouno Neyagawa District with Osaka-kita Joint Groove

  • Ginza 6 redevelopment project

  • Tokyo-Gaikan Expressway Project

  • Large Cavity Project in the deepest underground in the Power Plant Station in Kochi.

  • Kyoto Southern Clean Center Project

  • Nagoya Route No.2 road Project

  • Takatsuki Interchange and Chuo Work on Shin-Meishin Expressway

  • Oita River Dam Project