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Our History


Start of business

  • Chemical Grouting Co., Ltd. established with a focus on improving soft grounds expected to account for a growing share of future national land development.
  • Rokuro Ishikawa appointed president.
  • Company promotes the widespread adoption of its advanced technology, Chemical Grouting, and research and development on related ground improvement technologies.


  • Company gains growing reputation for its technologies related to chemical grouting for subways, expressways, and ports; dam grouting; anchoring; and landslide prevention.
  • Company undertakes water cutoff work for Seikan Tunnel, starting with survey tunnel excavation, in a project that takes 20 years to complete. Resolves various problems, including abnormal flooding, and helps establish water cutoff technologies for long, large undersea tunnels.


  • Develops Jet Grouting based on theory of ultra-high pressure water jets and succeeds in practical application. This is recognized the following year by an award from Japanese Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering.


  • Newly developed Column Jet applied to the permanent foundations of several buildings, including Sumitomo Realty & Development’s Nakanosima building and the rebuilding of the Osaka Branch of the Bank of Japan, efforts that draw considerable attention.


  • Jet Grouting attracts the attention of representatives from Europe and the US at an international meeting of the Japanese Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering.


  • Grants Italy-based Tecnosol a license for Jet Grouting; provides technical guidance on reinforcing the foundations of Banco di Napoli and other sites. Similar licensing arrangements concluded with Swedish, German, and other overseas companies.


  • Constructs diaphragm walls at depths of 100 m for the Sodegaura LNG Terminal of Tokyo Gas Company and Sodegaura Thermal Power Station of Tokyo Electric Power Company.


  • Achieves dominating share of ground improvement market using Column Jet to protect starting and arrival shafts and shaft bottoms for large-diameter shield.


  • Large-scale ground improvement projects related to waterfront development deploy across the country, including landfill runways and expressways associated with the expansion of the Haneda Airport.


  • Launches full-scale overseas construction in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Develops SUPERJET, an ultra-large-scale ground improvement method.


  • Establishes cross jet technology; develops X-JET and JACSMAN.
  • Performs first construction involving ground freezing.
  • Sets up SHING-HO CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD., a Taiwan-based affiliate.
  • Sets up Grout Trading Co., Ltd., an affiliate for selling and exporting construction equipment and materials.


  • Engages in restoration of railways, expressways, bridges, and revetments following the Great Hanshin Earthquake.
  • Ventures into new fields related to the environment, including contaminated soil remediation; launches first construction in Koto Ward, Tokyo.


  • Develops Super MC Anchor.
  • Develops PneumaX, a new chemical grouting method.


  • JACSMAN receives first construction technology development award.


  • Receives award from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for ground improvement work related to aseismic reinforcement of the foundations of monorail bridge footings in Ueno Zoological Gardens.


  • Executes first chemical grouting using CurveX.


  • Opens machine factory techno center (Tsurumi Techno Plaza) to support advanced technologies.
  • SUPERJET applied in large-scale projects across the country, including underpass construction in urban areas.
  • Develops Parajet.


  • JETCRETE developed.


  • Engages in disaster restoration after the Chuetsu Earthquake.
  • Number of large-scale soil remediation projects increases dramatically for redevelopment and other projects.


  • Participates in work to improve seismic resistance margin of a nuclear power plant.
  • Receives orders for aseismic reinforcement and liquefaction countermeasure projects compliant with BCP (business continuity plan) from clients across the country.


  • Engages in disaster restoration after the Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake.
  • JETCRETE applied in aseismic reinforcement work for the Kinuura Plant of Japan Corn Starch Co., Ltd.
  • Sets up CGC Brazil.


  • SUPERJET applied in aseismic reinforcement of the main building of Central Government Building No.1.


  • Engages in disaster restoration after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
  • Growing numbers of aseismic reinforcement and liquefaction countermeasure projects in the aftermath of the earthquake.


  • 50th anniversary of founding.
  • JETCRETE applied in reconstruction at Christchurch, New Zealand, following an earthquake.


  • Launches soil freezing work for large-scale pilot project for construction of frozen impermeable walls for Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant of Tokyo Electric Power Company.


  • Contributes in disaster restoration after the Kumamoto Earthquake.


  • ICECRETE applied in undersea shield tunneling for newly constructed Ishikariwan Shinko Power Plant Unit 1.