Mountain tunnels

Proposals were made for the following purposes: Stabilization of tunnel mouths, reinforcing tunnel supports, and stabilizing tunnel faces.

Mountain tunnels

1Strengthening bearing capacity of tunnel supports: Jet Grouting

JETCRETE (proprietary technology) SUPERJET (proprietary technology) X-JET (proprietary technology) COLUMNJET (proprietary technology)

2Water cutoff for excavation: Grouting Method

Dynapress (proprietary technology) PneumaX (proprietary technology) Double pipe strainer Double packer

3Slope greening and preventing surface erosion and rockfall: Slope protection and environmental conservation

Passcrete (proprietary technology)Chipshot (proprietary technology) Biosol (proprietary technology) Ring netFree Frame

4Landslide deterrence, slope stabilization: Ground Anchor

Super MC anchor / Mighty MC anchor (proprietary technology)KJS anchorKTB anchor

5Preventing collapse in tunnels and subsidence reduction: Jacking

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