Protecting Building / Important cultural properties

Historic structures, valuable as cultural assets, often face numerous problems. After long periods of time, foundations may sink or buildings may age.

We handle renovations that preserve such historic structures, making the most of long-established ground improvement technologies.

Our track record includes the preservation and rebuilding of the Osaka Branch of the Bank of Japan in 1978 and the preservation and restoration of the Marunouchi station building of the Tokyo Station in more recent years.

Improving foundations in limited space

Reinforcing the foundations of the former Iwasaki Residence

To preserve the former Iwasaki Residence, a historic important cultural property built 120 years ago, we took measures to prevent subsidence of the foundations.
Since the work had to be carried out in limited space without affecting the old building above the foundations, we used a very small JETCRETE machine.

Aseismic reinforcement of historical buildings

Related technologies

Examples presented

Reinforcing the foundations of the former Iwasaki Residence

Area Taitou-ku, Tokyo
Objective Renovation
Techniques Jet Grouting
Period 02/2011~05/2011
Comment Small type of jet grouting machine which has the Jetcrete technology performed the jet grouting in narrow space as settlement countermeasure of large foundation of historical residence which is designated as an important cultural property.