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Message from the President

Protecting underground

Since its founding in January 1963, Chemical Grouting has been specializing in underground work for more than half a century, contributing to efforts to enhance and develop social capital at home and abroad. All this is due to the support of our clients, business partners, and employees. We are truly grateful.

Our mission statement is to become a technology-oriented company. In all our efforts, our focus is on technology, the foundations of the art of making things. We develop new technologies that offer competitive quality and cost and that contribute to society. Our technologies are currently found in countless locations underground. Often invisible or out of sight, our work protects livelihood and safety.

Infrastructure requires further improvement to prepare for potential disasters, including major earthquakes and torrential rains, which are so frequently encountered in Japan and may occur at any time in the near future. Making the most of our ground improvement and other underground technologies, we remain prepared to play an active role in national and regional government disaster preparation programs and to contribute to National Resilience.

Environmental issues continue to grow more important in the construction industry. Expectations continue to mount for environmentally-friendly technologies in ground improvement, foundation construction, and other underground work. Our eco-friendly technologies will expand in application in various fields.

We also broaden our scope to include the architecture field. While we are less well known in this field, we have honed proprietary technologies based on the pioneering spirit cultivated in our civil engineering efforts to provide a stable, high quality jet grouting method that meets architectural requirements. This technology has made it possible for us to play an active role in underground areas of architectural projects since last year. By using our diverse technologies in combination, we will offer new solutions in the field of architecture.