About Us

Message from the President

Kiyomi Aikawa

Chemical Grouting Co., Ltd. was founded on January 29, 1963 with the grand vision of becoming the world’s leading company in ground improvement technology, and celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2023. Throughout these years, we have developed and improved our original technologies and accumulated construction achievements under the company motto of “technology-driven company”.

Thanks to our customers, we have grown into a comprehensive underground engineering company capable of in-house design and construction with more than two dozen types of methods and techniques, such as diaphragm walls, anchors, jet grouting, and chemical grouting, and our various proprietary technologies are highly evaluated by our customers not only in Japan but also around the world through technology licensing to overseas specialist companies.

In recent years, as redevelopment projects have become larger in scale and the use of underground spaces to greater depths has become more sophisticated, demands for technological developments that exceed the applicable limits of conventional technologies have been emerging one after another. In addition, addressing global warming has become a social issue on a global scale, and environmentally friendly technologies are required for ground improvement and foundation construction. Chemical Grouting Co., Ltd. will strongly promote DX to make effective use of our long-accumulated underground design and construction experience, and will take on the challenge of further upgrading our technologies to meet new needs while increasing on-site productivity using ICT technology.

In celebration of our 60th anniversary, we have taken on the corporate identity “GEO Challenger” and allied this with a vision “with the earth”. As a comprehensive underground engineering company, focusing on ground improvement, we will continue to interact with the earth to further advance our proprietary technologies and realize our vision of becoming the world’s leading company chosen by customers around the world.

Kiyomi Aikawa