Diaphragm Wall

Diaphgram wall is roughly divided into (1) a method of excavating a wall-like groove hole under the ground while preventing collapse of the excavation wall surface using a stabilized solution, inserting a reinforcing cage into the groove hole, and then placing concrete or the like into the groove hole to construct a continuous wall, and (2) a method of kneading the original position soil and cement milk into columns using three-axis stirring wings and the like, inserting H-shaped steel into the column, and constructing a soil cement wall.

Related technologies

RC continuous wall

It is possible to construct a reinforced concrete wall that can be used in the ground with high rigidity.
The excavator equipped with a correcting device can be used for construction even at a depth of 100 m class.


In-situ mixing and stirring of cement milk and soil makes it possible to use the steel as a water stop wall. In addition, a continuous mountain-fastening wall can be constructed by inserting H-shaped steel. Three-axis augers are mounted on a three-point pile driver, which is a base machine. The screws at both ends are completely wrapped and drilled and kneaded, thereby creating a highly water-resistant mountain wall.