Jetcrete is an advanced technology of Jet grouting, it allows you to flexibly design the cost and diameter or compressive strength of the Jetting column in accordance with the soil and site conditions.

  • picture of Jetcrete one of the jet grouting construction inside a building without demolishing or destroying the structure or building itself

Summary of the Techniques

Jetcrete creates a column of Jet grout, the drill stem of the Jetcrete monitor then advances to the required depth and the jets (high pressurized air and cement slurry) erode and mix with the in situ soil while withdrawing the rods. Creating these geometries of grouted soil gives a fixed scope of mechanical strength and water sealing to the soil.

One of the jet grout Jetcrete construction procedure

Jetcrete Features

Jetcrete has developed the following features compared with mechanical soil improvement:

  • Creates a large jetting column using small equipment.
  • Improves partially choosing the layer of soft ground.
  • Improves cohesive soil, sand and gravel layers.
  • Creates a jetting column with a large depth.
  • Executable in existing buildings.
  • Executable in factories which are in operation.
  • Makes less vibration and noise
  • Choose from a diameter of 0.5m to 8.5m.
  • Allows you to set the unconfined compressive strength (200KN/㎡~10MN/㎡).

One of the jet grout Jetcrete construction machine size small to big

Range of applications

range of applications of Jetcrete by diameter of jet grout and Jetcrete column and soil type such as sand clay cohesive soil gravel and bedrock with Jetcrete's unconfined compressive strength


Cut and cover method

Ground improvement during excavation

Preventing boiling and heaving, increasing bearing force of bottom board, precedent ground girder, etc.

ground improvement during excavation such as base soil improvement by jet grouting preventing underwater pressure

Sealing the defects on earth retaining wall

sealing the defects such as existing embedded pipes with earth retaining wall with jet grouting

reinforcing earth retaining wall with beam and reinforcing the caisson type foundation with jet grouting

For shield tunneling

Improvement of the arrival and departure point of shield and reinforcing reaction wall with jet grouting

Shield tunneling improvements examples of protecting propulsion and straight lines and  curved lines and closing structures with jet grouting

Stablizing to protect connection points of the sheild machine with jet grouting

Existing structures

reinforcing the bearing capacity for existing structures such as pile tips consolidation with jet grouting

Case Study for Earthquake Reinforcement or Countermeasures for Liquefaction

Reinforcing Structures or Bridge Piers

Reinforcing structures and bridge pier or bored cast-in-place piles with jet grouting for earthquake and other purposes

Earthquake Reinforcement for the High Standard Bank

Reinforcement for the high standard bank with jet grouting for earthquake and other pueposes

Liquefaction Prevention for Revetment Structure

Reinforcement for the revetment structure with jet grouting for liquifaction prevention