Ideal descending grouting is made possible by the development of special inflatable packer and hyper nozzle. Inflatable packers can be used for soft ground.
(Approved by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

  • ニューマックス
  • カーベックス


  • Uses descending grouting so the grout stays in the soil to be improved for ideal ground improvement.
  • Using a monitor with inflatable packers, drilling and grouting are performed in the same process, reducing costs compared to the conventional double packer method.
  • Since the inflatable packers are inserted directly into the ground, in contrast to the conventional method, no outer tube is needed, and no obstacle (industrial waste) is left in the ground.

Execution specifications

Straight line boring

When straight line boring is used for grouting, the special inflatable packers repeat inflating and deflating to perform boring and grouting in a single process, enhancing execution efficiency.
Basically, descending grouting is used as it helps maintain good quality. Ascending grouting (as with the conventional method) is also available, depending on construction conditions.

3D boring®

3D boring® combines straight line drilling and curved drilling. Boring accuracy is controlled by a measurement system. The technique makes it possible to avoid underground obstacles and to improve the ground immediately below an existing structure or even a factory in operation.

Materials used

Grout Type Gel time Features Application
(proprietary product)
Solution-type neutral/
acidic inorganic
Several seconds to several hours High permeability,
high durability, and poor solubility