Grade separation

Proposals were made for the following purposes: Stabilization of excavated areas and tunnels and protection of existing structures.

Grade separation

1Improving strength of areas directly below roads, precedent footing beam construction, and water cutoff: Jet Grouting

JETCRETE (proprietary technology) SUPERJET (proprietary technology) X-JET (proprietary technology) COLUMNJET (proprietary technology)

2Preventing liquefaction of the ground directly below the main structure and water cutoff: Grouting Method

CurveX (proprietary technology) PneumaX(proprietary technology) Double pipe strainer Double packer

3Improving strength of areas directly below roads and temporary footing beam: Mechanical Mixing

JACSMAN (proprietary technology)CDM

4Earth retaining walls and bearing piles: Diaphragm wall and Bored cast-in -place piles

RC Diaphragm wall CRM Pipedrill BCH (Bottom Circulation Hole)

5Support for earth retaining walls: Ground anchor

Balloon Body Anchor (proprietary technology) KJS anchor KTB anchor

6Preventing collapse directly below existing structures and subsidence reduction: Jacking