Building Foundation

Giving solutions for stabilizing excavated area, and protection of interfacing part in between surrounding structures.

Building Foundation

1Preventing collapse when drilling underground walk-through, and seepage controlings : Jet Grouting

JETCRETE (proprietary technology) SUPERJET (proprietary technology) X-JET (proprietary technology) COLUMNJET (proprietary technology)

2Reinforcing ground strength and etc

Ecotite-S JACSMAN (proprietary technology) CDM

3Retaining wall, and bearing pile : Diaphragm Wall / Cast-In-Place Pile

RC Diaphragm wall CRM SMW All casing BCH (Bottom Circulation Hole)

4Timbering retaining wall, and preventing structure lifted by underwater pressure : Ground Anchor

Balloon Body Anchor (proprietary technology) Super MC anchor / Mighty MC anchor (proprietary technology) High water pressure resistant anchor KJS KTB