ICELOCK creates block of frozen soil by installing pipes in the ground and frozen soil around the pipes.

  • ICELOCK・凍結工法

ICELOCK is applied to civil construction works for its high strength and water sealing capabilities.
It does not contaminate soil and ground water, so is the most environment friendly soil improvement technique.

ICELOCK Features:

  • Usable for all types of soil
  • Usable for stabilizing soil in large openings as the frozen soil has high strength and is reliable.
  • Works as perfect cut off walls for any steel or concrete.
  • Controls real-time processing of the ground temperature.
  • Is friendly to the earth’s environment.

Improvement Strength(MN/m2

Mechanism of Soil Freezing

The Brine which is cooled down to a temperature of -20 to -45 degrees Celsius is circulated through the freezing pipes installed in the ground. Heat taken into the Brine for freezing the soil causes the Brine temperature to rise, and then is dumped at the surface. The Brine is circulated again after it is cooled down.

Frozen Soil Growth Contour

Icelock Case Study

Vertical Soil Freezing

Horizontal Soil Freezing