We are ’geo-doctors’who talks with the earth.


Introducing our unique techniques gained from know-how of ground improvement over 50 years.

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Our Fields

We construct widely from deeper underground to limited spaces in various conditions and structures.

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Chemical Grout is

Chemical Grouting Co., Ltd. was founded in 1963 to contribute to society through
the effective use of underground space where infinite possibility exists.
We can provide an optimized solution for any specific needs of our underground-related customers. Pease feel free to contact us.


  • Earthquake

    Seismic Strengthening / Liquefaction Mitigation

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  • Renovation

    Protecting Building / Important cultural properties

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  • Environment

    Soil remediation

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  • Infrastructure

    Dam / Highway / Tunnel

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  • Disaster Restoration

    Restoring for infrastructure and damaged structures

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  • Disaster Prevention

    Embankment reinforcement

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