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As a general engineering firm specialized in underground engineering, Chemical Grouting Co., Ltd. owns more than 30 different officially recognized techniques in the areas of soil improvement, foundation slope stabilization, soil remediation, seismic reinforcement and anti-liquefaction.
Many of these techniques are proprietary techniques owned by the company. We would like to continually develop more technologies that will contribute to society.


JETCRETE is one of the jet grouting technique brand names developed by this company.
It allows the formation of a column with any desired level of strength and size, in any type of ground conditions, using even smaller equipment than before.


BIOJET is an in situ soil remediation technique developed jointly by this company and EOS Remediation, an American company, by integrating our jet grouting techniques and EOS’s proprietary substrate. It provides a solution for one of the most difficult challenges of environmental remediation in viscous soil ground.


ICELOCK is a ground stabilization technique which provides an artificially frozen soil by installing a freezing pipe underground and forming frozen soil around it. It is a significantly environmentally friendly technique since no material is added to the underground area.

About us

Chemical Grouting Co., Ltd. was founded in 1963 to contribute to society through the effective use of underground space where infinite possibility exists.
For more than 50 years since our foundation, we have been actively working on a wide variety of technically challenging projects including social infrastructure development, disaster prevention, and urban function improvement projects in Japan and overseas,mainly at underground locations which are not often exposed to the public. We can provide an optimized solution for any specific needs of our underground-related customers. Pease feel free to contact us.

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Part of our technical papers which have been presented at a variety of opportunities in Japan and overseas are available. Please contact to request the full text version.

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